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Prevent Disasters On The Trail

Mountain Biking is a boundless recreational activity that offers numerous great rewards. Along with these rewards, mountain biking has many dangerous aspects as well. There are a few precautions one should take into consideration before visiting the outdoors. If you are planning on going on a ride, the most fundamental rule before beginning is to always tell someone where you are going, or what you are doing. This can be done by a phone call, text message, or leaving a note on the refrigerator. One must make sure that they never break this rule. This alone can be a key factor in determining ones fate if a disaster were to strike.


Today we have various mediums of technology, which make it fairly easier to get ahold of a lone individual. Although, technology is not always reliable! Technology can most defiantly fail! Itis highly important to always have fully charged devices when going on a bicycle ride, although this does not ensure your safety. Many mountain bike trails are located deep in the forest, high in the mountains, and many other desolate locations. Telephone service, or Wi-Fi is not always abundant in these isolated locations. With this being said, it is highly important to always notify an individual of your intended whereabouts before you begin your adventure.

When visiting the outdoors, it never hurts to maintain a full inventory. When one is mountain biking, various problems can occur on the trail. Whether these problems are mechanical or physical, it is important to be prepared for when they occur. It is important to ride on the trail with a set of tools, for in which if you are to ever experience any mechanical problems. You can never be too prepared for when a disaster might strike, but despite this there are a few essential tools that should always be at access when on the trail. A set of tire levers, and an extra inner tube are crucial for if you are to ever experience a flat tire along the trail. Patch kits can be used to repair damaged inner tubes, but I have not personally have had the best luck with such kits. Patch kits can be unreliable, and often uninstall themselves. Although, they have been known to work for other people. A miniature hand pump is vital to have if you are to ever experience a flat tire. Without a bicycle pump, you will have a very hard time inflating your new inner tube once it is installed. It is essential to ride with a set of Allen keys on hand, in case any mechanical problems are to arise. Allen keys serve as a significant tool used to tighten, and loosen screws on a bicycle. It is critical to always have water at hand, to prevent dehydration. If one was to become lost or stranded, water may be vital for survival.

It is important to remember that when you are riding on a trail, you are a visitor in a foreign environment. When riding on the trail, you may encounter anything from other mountain bikers to wild animals. If you are to ever encounter a wild animal on the trail, do not corner the wild animal! If an animal is corned, it may feel threatened and it may attack out of instinct.

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Riders: Patrick Rasche and Constantin Fiene

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Mountain Biker Misconceptions

Mountain biking is a wonderful recreational sport. Mountain Biking is a very popular activity in the United States. According to imba.com, it has been recorded that there are up to “nearly 40 million participants anually.” Mountain biking provides many great health benefit, and nonetheless can be quite fun. Although, there are many myths, and disbeliefs that have been slightly tarnishing the reputation of the mountain biking community in various ways. As an avid bicyclist myself, and an activist of the sport I feel the need to eradicate these myths in hopes to change the mindsets of those who are in disbelief.


There is a common belief that mountain biking destroys trails, and causes erosion far more than hiking. Although, there have been various scientific studies that have proven that mountain biking, and hiking cause parallel levels of erosion upon the environment. One of the main contributions of erosion in trails is caused by poor trail designs, and improper construction techniques. These scantily designed trails to not sufficiently handle runoff from precipitation. Another common belief is that mountain biking terminates vegetation. Bicycle riders, and hikers who stride the same foliage produced equal harm to the vegetation. Bicycle riders are the least likely to leave a trail than any user due to the fact that bicycles are very trail reliant. Mountain bikers that are wise, and not disrespectful know the importance to not forge new trails. While hikers are at a much greater chance to step foot off the trail, which can harm vegetation and disturb wildlife.

Bicycle riders are not a threat to other trail users. There are various trails that are exclusive to hikers, and other trail users that do not include bikes. With that being said, it is completely up to other trail users to choose to use trails that exclude, or include bicycles. Although, bicycle riders are not monsters! Many people have the conception that bicycle riders are adrenaline-seeking junkies. I cannot speak for the entire population, because that would be an invalid statement. For the most part, bicycle riders are responsible people that keep in mind the needs of others on the trail, and the trail itself.

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